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$75 -  40 Minutes on the machine 

$90 -  60 min on the machine(max time)

Implant option- mineral solution or probiotic

 $20 add on

Preparation is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Eat a very light snack before your appt (a few nuts, piece of fruit etc NOT a full meal) this gets the digestion "moving". 

2.  If you are constipated, be sure to remove as much "bulk" as you can before your appt for a more successful session by using a gentle bowel mover such as magnesium

3.  If you have printing capabilities, please print and fill out the intake forms at bottom of this page before your appointment.  (Don't worry if you can't print, we can do it at the time of your appointment)  

See FAQ below. and for additional questions or support please text Tracy 702-274-6888



OK, i know colon hydrotherapy sounds super scary, and weird, or perhaps you've never even heard of it. Or if you have heard of it, you might be thinking, "umm, what, goes where? and i can see what comes out of me? what the heck? I don't think so ! "

Please, Give me a minute to explain something. This is REALLY important information that everybody must know ! Approximately 80% of our immune system is in the gut. With a fully functioning and healthy immune system, we can combat ANY illness naturally, just by making sure our immune system is in tip top shape (our bodies are amazing like that). 

     The problem is, we have so many years of built up CRAP in our intestines (literally). Old feces is literally stuck to the walls of the intestines. With this old feces blocking the walls, the nutrients of we are eating can not be absorbed properly leaving us deficient no matter how healthy we eat (So save your money that you're spending on supplements until you cleanse your colon). Nutrient/mineral deficiencies plus toxins make up most illnesses if not ALL. Even if you have bowel movements daily, you're still not getting the old stuck feces out. Colon Hydrotherapy is an ancient practice so no need to be fearful. Of course technology has taken us to a much more effective level with fancy machines, disposable hoses and more sanitary conditions. Colon HT is so safe and effective, that once you have it, you'll want to come back again and again. It gives such a sense of general health and well being that is indescribable (well, ok, some describe it as Euphoric). Below are some answered questions you might have. Call if you have any other questions or concerns. I am here to help you get healthy and beautiful on the inside AND the outside :)


What kind of machine is it?

At Aura Sutra we have the best "closed system" machine in the USA. Closed system, in short, means you will not smell anything, you will not sit alone in a room with a bowl shaped cavity under your butt with water splashing while you're figuring out which knobs to turn. A technician is with you at all times. Your only job is to relax. It's a dual tube system that is quiet, comfortable, relaxing and dry. Our machine also has temperature control and pressure control to ensure that a slow fill of the entire large intestine is accomplished comfortably with warm water and then flushed with cool water. These alternating temperatures literally exercise your intestines and will train it like a muscle to work efficiently again.

OMG, Do i seriously have to take my underwear off and have someone put a tube in my rear end?

I'm sorry, but yes, that is generally how it's done. However, i promise you will be covered the entire procedure, comfortably laying on your back, listening to relaxing spa music. It's really not bad at all and it's not painful. The feeling of a squeaky clean colon far surpasses the initial shyness some might have. It's well worth it !

What if i'm super constipated, can i still have Colon HT?

Get in for a treatment ASAP. If you are constipated, then the toxins are just recycling into your system over and over. If you are impacted, then you will need to do suppositories and/or drink some stool softener teas before your appointment, so there is room for the speculum to be inserted. You don't want this happening in your gut! Lets fix that !

Can i just try it once? I just want to see what it's like?

 You can, BUT If this is your first time, we highly recommend having a minimum of 3 treatments, preferably close together as possible and within 10-14 days. Otherwise, maintenance is once every 4-6 weeks. The reason for this is during a colon session toxins (old feces) are softened but not always completely released on the first session. With the old fecal matter still being in the bowels and the intestines attempting to absorb and dry the fecal matter, you are just reabsorbing the toxins from the old feces.  It can sometimes cause what is called The Herxheimer Reaction or "die off". Die off affect can feel anywhere from a mild headache to flu like symptoms. To avoid this , it is best to have a minimum of 3 treatments initially. 

What are the contraindications?

Most contraindications for colon therapy are theoretical in nature, and are a result from fears of disturbing blood volume/electrolyte balance, or from direct dangers related to bowel pathology. Here is a list- Severe Cardiac Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Aneurysm, GI Hemorrhage/Perforation, Cirrhosis, Fissures/Fistulas, Abdominal Hernia, Severe Anemia, Carcinoma of the Colon, Severe Hemorrhoids, Pregnancy 1st & 3rd trimester, Recent Colon Surgery, Renal insufficiency.

Is it true that colonic therapy washes out the intestinal flora & value nutrients?

The real truth is, the washing out  of putrefied material that is in the large intestine,   will actually increase the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment that has been washed free of putrefaction and harmful bacteria. That is why the intestines of a newborn baby immediately begins to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying garbage and make a better environment for the good flora to flourish, they start to multiply immediately in their natural state. This is also why it is so beneficial to take a good quality pro-biotic after each session. Each capsule of friendly bacteria delivers millions of the organisms into the colon, which grows and multiples for a healthier and more balanced intestinal ecosystem.

What effect does colon hydrotherapy have on our immune systems?

The removal of stagnant waste material and hardened, impacted toxic residue could rejuvenate the immune tissue that resides in the intestines. Recent European studies show that 80-90% of the immune resides in the intestines. It is fact that 80% of all illness starts in the large intestines. Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure all, but a critical adjudicative therapy in the overall health care of our clients.

What will be okay to eat after getting a colon session?

What we suggest is that you eat a moderate amount of whatever seems gentle and nourishing to you. Using common sense is the best approach. Eating a meal or foods that are known to cause trouble in your abdomen, or causing you excessive gas directly following a session is not an intelligent choice. Favor foods that are unrefined and no processed. Eating Organic and pure foods is always the way to go if at all possible. Drinking more fluids is also highly beneficial after a treatment. 



If you have any of these symptoms, colon therapy is for you !

Please Print out these 4 forms and bring them with you to your appointment if you can. If you don't have printing capabilities, No worries !  We will fill them out when you get to your appointment  :) 

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