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Biopulsar is one of the most advanced technologies available in the diagnostic market that enables you to see your Aura through a biofeedback system. Unlike other Aura photography readings, the Biopulsar gives you in depth capability to see your energy structure on the organ and chakra level. Not only can you see your energy field but also, it will track and record your Aura. This exciting technology is a registered medical device in over 30 countries.

This machine is a Certified Medical Diagnostic and is used in Hospitals through out Europe although Tracy does not diagnose. The Full Body Aura is detected by the meridian system (energy channels that run through the body). The readings will point to blockages and will read the energy levels of your organs and systems. During the session, Tracy can receive intuitive guidance for the client, although it is not guaranteed as some things aren't always meant to be known or shared.


Your Beautiful Aura!

30 minute reading includes full report sent to your email 



What is an Aura ?

Part of our electromagnetic energy field (aura) is a projection of the vibratory rates emitted or received by our body. The aura is also part of our personality. It displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level, showing the energies of not only our physical condition but also our psychological condition.

Every thought is a wavelength of energy that vibrates through the neurotransmitters in our body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program. For example, you may have experienced a situation that made you hold your breath in anxiety and every time you relive an incident that is similar to this initial program, your body cells react automatically and you unconsciously hold your breath. Imagine the effect on specific body parts after several years of experiencing similar feelings of anxiousness and how the energy in that body area may eventually cease operate at its normal levels.

If we have been unconsciously stagnating the energy in specific body parts (due to our lack of understanding of our body dynamics), the energy our body emits may not resonate at its full potential or frequency level and will be seen or measured at a lesser vibratory rate. This connection of the mind and body can be seen displayed by the colour traits in our energy field as well you will see the vitality of the organs in the graphs.

When there is an emotional, mental or physical problem there is an imbalance in our body. We need to rearrange the atoms and electrons that are out of order in the cells of our body. By working with the life force we can bring about whatever changes we wish and in turn produce balanced chakra/aura energy and healthy organs.

The colours in the colour spectrum explain the different qualities and attributes of a person. Each colour has its own language and reflects our different states of consciousness through our various colour intelligence levels. It can be easy to learn and understand your clients through the colours they use and this insight can instantly cause a reaction on multiple levels of their being including the release of blockages or allowing previously restricted energy to flow more freely.

The Sciences behind the machine.

Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the most ancient of all medical disciplines, dating back to Ancient India from which most Western medicine is derived. Ayurveda (ayur means 'life' or 'longevity' and veda 'knowledge' or 'science'), the science of life, is dated back to 1000 to 3000 BC. Currently, this school of medicine is responsible for the health care of 80-90% of the people of India today. It is said that Chinese and Japanese disciplines, arose from it. According to Ayurvedic medicine, at the level of the individual mind there are three types of activity, which correspond to active "Pitta" energy, passive "Kapha" energy and unifying "Vata" energy. These three energy types are modified by three processes: spiritual, mental and physical. The three energy "doshas" can be easily identified on the Biopulsar's organ graphs.

Bioenergetics is a method of studying and understanding the human personality in terms of the body and its energetic process. In bioenergetic theory, it is believed that the body and the mind function together and are functionally identical (meaning what happens in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa). The various graphic formats of the Biopulsar system quite simply can show the interactions of the mind and body in real-time.

Biofeedback is a process of giving immediate information to a subject about her/his bodily processes, which are normally unconscious. Biofeedback is used to help a person consciously control a bodily function believed to be involuntary, as heartbeat or blood pressure, by using an instrument (such as the Biopulsar) to monitor the function and changes in it.

Chinese Oriental Medicine (TOM) is the most widely used healing system in the world and is a complete medical system that combines herbs, massage, diet, exercise, moxabustions, cupping, gua sha along the Acupuncture to correct energy imbalances in the body. The theory describes the dualistic concept of yin and yang and that all matter is made of yin and yang including the human body. It is the ability of these opposites that interact and balance each other that creates the dynamic interplay that we call health. All diseases or conditions can be classified as either yin or yang in nature. This method of healing also works with the "chi" (vital energy) that circulates through the 12 meridian systems that relate to the internal organs. The Biopulsar's sensors are basically reading the pulse (chi) of the reflex zones, thereby an accurate TOM assessment can be made using the technology.

Neural-therapy is a process that integrates spiritual psychology with body/mind therapy to release negative cellular memory. It works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to help release emotional and physical dysfunctions. Using the Biopulsar's ability to show energy in the colour language allows the practitioner to analyze and treat their patient's different energy levels thereby releasing cellular programs.

Reflexology / Zone Therapy utilizes the principle that there are reflex zones on the palms of the hands that represent or correspond to every major organ, gland and area of the body. Forms of reflexology are illustrated in Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures dating back over 2,300 years ago. Reflexology is a form of diagnosing the subtle energy flows in relation to body parts. It is well known by modern medicine that the internal organs are represented on the surface of the body by areas of skin that share the same nerve supplies as these organs. The Biopulsar's

handplate sensors correspond to the body's organs.

Science of Colour was originally used in Ancient Greece and in the Healing Temples of Light and Colour at Heliopolis in Ancient Egypt. The Indians and the Chinese have also held colour in high esteem for thousands of years. Colour theory is based on the fact that colour is a vibrational frequency that has a response factor on one's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Also it is said that our body's organs emit a colour-coded vibration, which can then be influenced by colour. The body's colour connection is part of the Biopulsar's unique features.

The Biopulsar system is also based on knowledge from the following sciences:

Hand Diagnosis



Electromagnetic energy



What our customers are saying

"Tracy Lynn is an amazing intuitive, beautiful and guided soul who has an unbelievable gift of "just knowing" and guiding with honesty, persistence and love. Robin G - Las Vegas, NV

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