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Bionic Hydrotherapy (Foot Detox)


 30 minute session

Great combined with a "Love your tootsies" Foot Facial.

Bionic HydroTherapy was created by Dr. Earl Anderson in the 1990's and has been successfully used in health care clinics in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia for nearly 2 decades. 

What will come out in your foot bath? Even though many different colors and objects appear in the water, not everything you see is coming from You. However, each of these baths were using the same water source, the same minerals salts, the same Ion Generator (the part of the system that goes into the water). The only difference was whose feet went in.

Is Your Body Hanging Onto Harmful Toxins?

~ Is chronic pain a part of your daily life?

~ Do you suffer excessive or successive illnesses?

~ How is your mental focus (clarity)?

~ Has aspirin become a daily supplement?

~ Are allergies causing you distress?

~ How would you describe your energy levels?

~ Your moods?

~ Do you retain fluids - swelling or edema?

~ Is your digestion and/or elimination in dire straits?

~ Are your suffering with chronic joint pain?

~ Is body weight increasing without just cause?

Gentle while at the same time powerful whole body detox, the Bionic HydroTherapy TM system works like a poultice. Its energies are 100% bio-compatible with every cell in the body. Used clinically for over 10 years, you can rest easy in this ion stream and enjoy the warm water as it allows the body to eliminate toxins safely and efficiently.

Many users comment on their increased energy, decreased pain, a return of healthy glow to their skin and a feeling of lightness. Eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation naturally boosts vitality and health at the cellular level. Some have even reported weight loss as a direct result. 

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