Aura Sutra Wellness Studio - Restore your Balance, Beauty & Health
Aura Sutra is an Advanced Skin Care, Spa, Salon, and Spiritual Fitness Center. It is owned and operated by Tracy Lynn. Below is some more details if you are inclined to stick around and read a little  :)
Be Blessed and share those blessings with others.
The Aura Sutra is a place to heal body, mind and spirit. Restore your inner/outer beauty and balance.
The Aura Sutra will raise your vibration , make you feel beautiful and bring you peace through practices, products, tools and creative ideas that are individualized according to the person.
Now sit back, relax, and be a witness to YOUR LIFE , without judgement !!
Most importantly ... HAVE FUN !

Find your sense of humor, hold on to it with all your might !
Remember your loved ones who have crossed over and KNOW that they are watching you with anticipation and undying love.
They honor and respect your choices for the life you choose to live.

The 9 Sutra's

  • Connect with the Earth
  • Toning
  • Relaxed Focused Breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Love Yourself
  • Laugh
  • Open the Mind & Heart
  • Move your Body
    The words "Aura" and "Sutra"
    The Aura is a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding and penetrating through a person or object. Although the Aura is not just composed as some form of light, the Aura does contain colors. Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton we know that white light contains all colors. Also, as Goethe described " Colors are the Sufferings of light." The colors are formed/created from the light and then are altered/lowered according to the vibratory rhythm of our thoughts, moods and intentions which encompasses our past, present and future. Auras vividly reveal our mental, physical and spiritual well being. Scientists agree, that we all possess what is known as a physical Aura. This is made up of physical matter and energy fields that surround the body . As people are normally warm in relation to their surroundings, we all have thermal gradients with resulting air currents close to our bodies. Infrared energy is radiated from our bodies. We also have electrostatic and electrical ion fields surrounding us. As well as this, we emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation ( radio waves) and low-frequency radiation of as much as one hundred kilocycles. Most Auras extend out several feet from the body. It is believed that the more spiritually evolved a person is, the larger his or her Aura will be. Auras are made up of energy fields that flow at right angles to each other. The first flows up and down the body in a vertical direction. At right angles to this are energy fields that flow around the body in a horizontal direction. Finally, other waves of energy emanate from the spine and head towards the outer extremities of the aura. They all crisscross and create a mesh of interwoven magnetic energy. Auras consist of different layers. There are 7 layers to the Aura that are recognized at this time. (In the Quantum world there are infinate numbers and possibilities.) In traditional interpretation each layer of the aura represents a different area of life. For instance, the mental governs the thought processes and the astral is , the emotions. However, in our daily lives we usually act with a mixture of these. We still use our emotions when we think, and even when acting emotionally, some thought is still involved. When we learn to work with our layers of the aura using the Aura Sutra , we are able to then balance our lives to create consciously and joyously.

    The word sutra is familiar to most people from the Kama Sutra.
    Sutra or (Sutta) in sanskrit literally means a rope or thread that hold things together and more metaphorically refers to a formula or a type of manual and/or rules. It is derived from the verbal root, siv- meaning "to sew". In Buddihism, the term "Sutra" refers generally to canonical scriptures that are regarded as records of the oral teachings of Guatama Buddha.

    The following are the basic layers of the Aura.
    Physical Level
    Etheric Double
    1/4 to 2 inches from physical body
    1st Chakra - Root
    Properties - Physical
    An energy twin to the physical body.
    An illness will appear in the Etheric Twin before it enters the physical body.

  • Emotional Body
    1 to 3 inches from physical body
    2nd Chakra - Sacral
    Properties - The Mind
    This layer generates emotions. These emotions enter the Etheric Body, then the physical body. (Bad day at work -- a headache appears)
    Emotions are stored in the Emotional Body. Emotions in the form of blockages can enter the physical body as disease. (cancer and other crital diseases)

  • Mental Body
    3 to 8 inches from physical body
    3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus
    Properties - The Mind
    Rational thinking (lower mental). Most of us exist here in daily life.
    Emotions are attached to thought forms in this body. (Our thoughts create our reality.) These are what we call blockages.

  • Astral Level
    Astral Body
    1/2 to 1 foot from physical body
    4th Chakra - Heart
    This is the area of higher expression on a Physical, Emotional, and Mental Level.

  • Spiritual Level
    Etheric Template
    1 1/2 to 2 feet from the physical body
    5th Chakra - Throat
    This is the template for the Etheric Body. We work in the Etheric Template when the physical body shows disease.

  • Celestial Body
    2 to 2 3/4 feet from the physical body
    6th Chakra - Third Eye
    Enlightenment and intuitive thought are housed here.

  • Causal Body
    2 to 3 1/2 feet from the physical body
    7th Chakra - Crown
    Properties - Divine Source
    Our filing cabinet for our energy field.
    Our telegraph office to the higher self.